Educational Programs & School Field Trips

All programs have been realigned to fit the new Georgia Standards of Excellence.

Grand Theatre and Bartow History Museum Joint Programs

To make a reservation, call 770-387-3849.
Each is approximately 2 hours in length.

Minimum 10 students and maximum 120. Larger groups, please contact reservations.
$8 for students. $7 for students in Bartow, Cherokee, and Forsyth Counties. $5 for students.$5 for parents/chaperones. Teachers, paraprofessionals, and bus drivers are free.

Teachers, paraprofessionals, and bus drivers are free.
For more information, call 770-382-3818, Ext. 6288.

Map Happenings

– First Grade
At the Bartow History Museum, discover the importance of maps through games and hands-on activities that teach directions, map symbols, and other map skills. Explore the area’s history using your own museum map. Then at The Grand Theatre, lots of audience participation as we take a trip all seven continents through music and visual images. Play maracas in South America and go on a crocodile hunt in Australia. SS1G3, SS1CG2

Cherokee Life and Legends

– Second Grade
Examine the lives of Cherokee Indians through the Cherokee exhibit, by handling artifacts, playing a Cherokee game, a blowgun demonstration at the Bartow History Museum. The Grand Theatre stage will come alive with the constellations that tell about Cherokee culture. Students will hear Cherokee myths and legends linked to the stars. SS2H1, SS2H2, ELACC4RL9: ELACC2RL2, ELACC2RL6

Native American Cultures

—Third Grade
Compare and contrast the myths, legends, and culture of Indian groups from each region of the country and see how they used their environment for food, clothing, shelter and culture at The Grand Theatre. Learn a Hopi dance and watch your friends take the stage to act out a legend. Compare cultures with artifacts and exhibits at The Bartow History Museum. SS3G3, SS3H1 ELACC4RL9:

Freedom 101

—Fourth Grade
Students will travel back in time to interview nine key historic figures who shaped the Revolutionary movement and fought for voting rights—Paul Revere, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, and Sojourner Truth. At the museumSS4H1SS4H2, SS4H4, K-5 EU

Homefront, Battlefront

– Fifth Grade
At the Bartow History Center, explore the lives of the men, women, and children who lived during World War II by learning about rationing and Victory Gardens and by hearing an interview with a veteran of the era. Then at The Grand Theatre, learn the lingo, jingles, and songs that kept troops’ spirits up during WWII. Find out how entertainers and everyday citizens pulled together to support the war effort. SS5H4

Theatre on Demand

Just at The Grand  –   Behind the Scenes
Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade, Sixth Grade, Seventh Grade, and Eighth Grade

Call 770-386-7343 ext. 4 to register for this program.

Cost: $5.00/student.

Take a tour of the historic theatre as you learn how The Grand Theatre has been an integral part of our community and the development of technology for the past 100 years. Prowl backstage, on stage, and up into the technical areas. Also, learn the importance of theatre etiquette and discover how it helps you make the most of any theatre experience.
Approximately 90 minutes.
GSE: S4P1, S4P2, Fine Arts Standards TAE4.4, 4.9, 5.4, 5.8

Theatre on Demand

Just at The Grand  –  “Tall Tales and Truth Twisters”

First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade

Call 770-386-7343 ext. 4 to register for this program.

Cost: $5.00/student.

Legendary characters Johnny
Appleseed and Annie Oakley share their stories and delight the audience with tall tales. Through storytelling and music you will hear about John Henry, Davy Crockett, Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill.
Now correlates to new standards: ELAGSE2RL2, ELAGSE2RL3