Senior Shenanigans

Senior Shenanigans 2016

Senior Shenanigans is a drama programs for people ages 50 and up. Participants meet in early September each year to plan a variety show to be presented in February. They meet weekly on Monday mornings to select, create, and rehearse comedic skits and musical number for their comedy review. Skits and numbers often celebrate the foibles of growing older or reflect on days gone by—always with a sense of fun and fellowship.

The Senior Shenanigans program will begin work on its 23rd season very soon.  This year we are changing the lineup a little.  Instead of multiple short skits, we will be doing a one-act play for the first half of the show with our usual dance groups and musical numbers after intermission.  The play is an original comedy written by Shenanigans director, Terri Cox entitled “Shenanigans at a Funeral.”  There are many roles available. Some are rather short roles and others are more involved.  If you are not sure if it’s for you, come on out to the audition and see what it is all about.

To become involved, all interested community members ages 50 and up are invited to our audition day on Saturday, October 3rd.  At 10:00 a.m. we will have coffee and doughnuts and a time of fellowship.  Then at 11:00 a.m. we will begin auditions.  You do not have to prepare anything, just be ready to do cold readings from the script.  There are a few roles for actors ages 40 to 50 as well.

After we cast the show, we will discuss schedules and choose two afternoons a week for rehearsals instead of our usual Monday morning time.  This allows us to keep the morning slots for our school programs.  We will rehearse the play during October and November and take off during December for the holidays.  We’ll come back for final rehearsals in January and February, with our show to take place on February 20th of 2016.

Anyone wishing to participate in musical or dance numbers for the show can contact Terri with your ideas, and we will arrange rehearsals.  As always, we welcome back our regular participants and look forward to “new blood” as well.  We always have a great time together and want to include you!

For more information, contact Grand Theatre Program Director, Terri Cox

Phone: 770-386-7343 ext. 4


Shenanigans at a Funeral

Synopsis: After attending the funeral of a friend, Charlie O’Hara is intrigued by the admirable tributes he hears.  He becomes obsessed with knowing what his own legacy will be.  He conspires with the widow Mavis to orchestrate his own funeral, which he plans to attend incognito. Shenanigans ensue as the event does not come off quite as he plans!


Mavis Williams:       Widow of Winston, friend of Charlie

Charlie O’Hara:       Retired accountant, Friend of Mavis

Pastor Inglehart:     Proprietor of funeral home

Martha Grimes:       Mavis’ daughter

Carlotta Gomez:      Charlie’s childhood friend

Alice Mills:               Charlie’s ex-wife

Hank Grimes:          Martha’s husband

Edgar Brennan:       Charlie’s high school teammate—a “player’

Gigi:                        Winston’s friend

Captain Carroll:        Winston’s co-worker

Roger:                     Winston’s cousin

Harry Willcox:          Winston’s army buddy

Marvin Middlebrook:   Friend of Charlie and Mavis

Helen Middlebrook:    Marvin’s wife

Dr.Gina Onatopia:       Charlie’s oncologist

Dr.Rhonda Bledsoe:    Charlie’s family doctor

Nurse Darlene:           Dr. Bledsoe’s nurse

Rudy Ramirez:            Carlotta’s fiancé

Funeral Guests

For more information on Senior Shenanigans or how to get involved, call Program Director, Terri Cox, at 770-386-7343, ext. 4.